A Southern State of Mind…

July 21, 2008

Ok, so here’s the deal. Almost all of my friends from home, college friends, sorority sisters, etc. are either:

a. getting engaged   b. getting married   c. having a baby 

d. all of the above

This brings up a lot of mixed emotions when I think of it all. I mean, we’re all getting “to that age now” right?! NO! It feels as though everyone in the South has to unwritten “right of passage” to follow in order to be happy. It’s simple. First, college and engaged by senior year, married by 22, then having babies by 24. And that’s it. You’re an accomplished woman, settled down into a family all before you hit 25. Guess after that there’s only lower car insurance to look foward to.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Some people that lead this type of life are extremely happy and content and I think that’s awesome. Someday I too want to be happily married and have a big family…but what if that’s not what I want now??? I sometimes feel any other plans that go aganist this packaged life are viewed as unacceptable, which is completely ridiculous.

I personally plan on going to grad school in Chicago, exploring myself, and anticipating on where life takes me. I’m not anywhere near wanting to settle down and raise a family and I shouldn’t feel any less of a woman for that. I still have growing and self-searching to do. Just because I don’t have the, what seems “generic” dream of every other 20-something in South Carolina, doesn’t mean my goals matter any less. They’re my dreams…and I don’t plan on letting what’s socially popular to determine when it’s my time to settle down.